Ways To Get Involved…

Winesong provides may ways to support our Hospital District including;

Opportunity for Donors & Vendors

Please read-on for brief explanations and contacts on each of these categories…


There are a number of opportunities to advertise your products or services in the printed and broadcast promotions Winesong does leading up to our full weekend of events and including in our tasting map and our auction program.

For more information about advertising your products and supporting Winesong, contact Jamie Peters | jamie@winesong.org] | (707) 961-4924. If emailing, be sure to put ‘advertising’ in the subject line.


Sponsorship is the life-blood of any non-profit. In this category you’ll find business and community members who have chosen to provide our organization with funding, goods or services that we in turn use to make Winesong happen. While the funding portion of sponsorship needs no explanation, not everyone knows that sponsors providing goods or services are every bit as needed and welcome. In exchange for sponsorship support, promotional opportunities for our sponsors are numerous. Consider joining the list of excellent supporters such as those in 2015: 2015 Sponsors

For more information about being a sponsor contact Jamie Peters | jamie@winesong.org | (707) 961-4924. If emailing, be sure to put ‘sponsorship’ in the subject line.

Donors / Vendors…

Winesong is a charity auction that relies on donations for fundraising. To this end donors are another crucial facet of our event. Donors for event day are broken down into two categories: ‘donor’ and ‘vendor’. The former designates individuals or businesses who have provided an actual item that we can auction off and the latter designates businesses who not only are providing auction items, but are also participating in the Food + Wine tasting portion of our event. Both of these are priceless roles and we welcome inquiries.

For more information on being a donor/vendor, contact Jamie Peters | jamie@winesong.org | (707) 961-4924. If emailing, be sure to put ‘donor’ or ‘vendor’ in the subject line.

Those wishing to make donations benefiting the Mendocino Coast District Hospital outside the scope of Winesong should contact Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation.


Once again, our volunteers stepped up and helped make our 2016 Winesong one of the best ever!  If sponsors are the life-blood of a non-profits need, then volunteers are this non-profit’s body! Arms, legs, backs & brains…our volunteers give their all to make sure that Winesong happens successfully year after year! Even though Winesong is a ‘one day event’, it’s months in the preparation stages. Our office staff consists of a skeleton crew of four members, about 350 short of the amount of people necessary to make Winesong happen! To this end, we welcome volunteers to join us.

As we begin planning for Winesong 2017, we invite you to stay connected through our email blasts – register for our emails with: ellen@winesong.org

For more information on volunteering, contact Ellen Persa | ellen@winesong.org] | (707) 961-4909. If emailing, be sure to put ‘volunteer’ in the subject line.  Additional information will be available here, beginning in April, 2017.