Winesong – who we are and what we do…

Winesong is an annual charity auction and wine + food tasting produced by the Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation. Proceeds are used to enhance equipment, facilities and services at the Mendocino Coast District Hospital. The Diagnostic Imaging Center, Medical Evacuation Helipad, Out-Patient Surgical services and Emergency Department Equipment are just a few of the vital areas that Winesong funds have enhanced. Since 1985 Winesong has raised over $7.5 million for improvements in local healthcare.

Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation History
Since 1984 the Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation has engaged in fundraising and community activities to provide support for vital equipment and services at Mendocino Coast District Hospital. Our unique rural locale presents an environment in which the provision of comprehensive hospital services and up-to-date equipment is a tremendous challenge. The Hospital Foundation exists to help the Hospital and our community to meet these challenges. Below is a list outlining previous years’ capital improvements funded by Winesong proceeds.

Patient Services
Nurse Call System ($250,000)
Telemetry Monitoring System ($250,000)

Emergency Services
Ultrasound Machine ($75,200)
Ambulances ($325,500)
Helipad for Emergency Transport ($42,000)
Lifeline Emergency Response System ($37,000)

Cardiac Care
Digital Echocardiography ($150,000)

Diagnostic Imaging Major Funding (additional items were also purchased)
Ultrasound ($200,000)
Stereotactic Mammography ($100,000)
CT Scanner Installation ($90,000)
4-D Ultra Sound ($67,800)
Digital Imaging Communications System ($171,600)
Computed Radiography / Digitizer ($130,000)
Nuclear Medicine Camera ($315,000)

Total Digital Diagnostic Imaging Center ($1,400,000)

Cancer Care
Oncology Beds ($24,600)
Chemotherapy Room ($10,000)
Funding for Uninsured/Underinsured Cancer Patient Care ($289,000)


Clinical Analyzers ($100,000)

OB Refurbishing ($34,500)
Fetal Heart Monitors ($32,500)

Surgical Services
Equipment for Surgical Services ($122,000)
Orthopedic Surgical Table ($84,300)
Sterilizer ($77,600)

Clinical Information Systems ($750,000)
Patient Call Light & Telemetry System ($150,000)
Founders Medical Office Building ($315,000)
Patient Beds ($48,000)
AJ Grey Building Refurbishing ($75,000)
North Coast Health Center, start up grant ($300,000)

Diabetes Care Center
Funding for Uninsured and Under-insured Diabetic Patient Care ($20,000)

Pharmacy / Patient Care
Patient Control Analgesic Machines ($37,300)
Pharmacy Remodel ($68,000)
Bedside Medication Verification System ($122,000)

Any questions about what this equipment means to you? Contact the Hospital Foundation at (707) 961-4671 or We would be happy to provide tours or further information about how your donor dollars make a difference to the health of our community.