Baxter Winery

The father-son dynamic duo of Phil L Baxter and Phil TG Baxter have placed Baxter Winery firmly on the map of fabulous Pinot Noirs! While predominantly producing Pinots, they also craft other #wines from lesser known grapes – Carignan, Nebbiolo, and Montepulciano. In addition to their own #BAXTER label, both father and son are consultant winemakers for other wineries, and infuse their knowledge of French methods of winemaking as well as their artisan approach to ensure every wine they touch has the same high quality. It’s no wonder these two are so well regarded! Adding to BAXTER’s wonderful reputation is Claire – Phillip (the younger’s) wife –who exudes warmth and charm to all visitors to BAXTER’s tasting room in Philo.

Winesong is fortunate to include BAXTER as one of our Grand Tasting participants as well as an auction lot donor. #winesong #winesongpartner#mendocinocoast #wineevent