Honored Winery: Grace Family Vineyards – Dick and Ann Grace

Dick & AnnAs humanitarians with a compassionate world-view and as vintners creating world-class wines, Dick and Ann Grace personify the very best of philanthropy and stewardship of the land.

It is therefore our profound privilege to recognize Grace Family Vineyards as our 2016 Honored Winery.

Always among the very first to respond to our participation requests, Grace Family Vineyards has been a cornerstone of Winesong every year since 1992.  By donating annually and attending frequently, Dick and Ann Grace stood by their personal commitment; “Wine as a catalyst toward healing our planet.”

For the Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation, that “healing” came in the form of healthcare for our famously beautiful but isolated coastal community. Through their constant support over 24 years, the Graces have helped make quality medical treatment available for countless Mendocino residents.

Dick and Ann did not set out to create a one of the first “cult” Cabernet Sauvignons, but they certainly accomplished that with their 1978 inaugural vintage.  barrell room

That wine not only opened the doors to the international world of wine aficionados, it also enabled them to help communities around the globe. Most recently, their efforts have been directed toward relief work in Nepal, where the devastating earthquake of April 2015 altered the lives of millions of people. They brought both aid and comfort to the devastated Nepalese.

children with Dick & Ann

In 2001, 2005, 2009, and 2014, the Graces hosted Unsung Heroes of Compassion which is presided over by His Holiness, the 14th Dali Lama. It honors individuals from around the world who practice compassionate kindness to, as Dick remarks, “meet the needs of our underserved brothers and sisters.” Plans are currently underway for this gathering to take place again in 2017.


It is with deep gratitude that Winesong and the Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation honor our longtime friends and supporters, Dick and Ann Grace.