In-Patient Beds Funded by Foundation

Thanks to critical financial support from the Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation, the MCDH Medical-Surgical unit now has 6 new Hill-Rom VersaCare beds that are improving both patient safety and patient comfort. Executive Director Michelle Roberts presented a check to MCDH CEO Bob Edwards for just over $59,000 in late May.

The special features of the VersaCare beds include:

~ The beds can be easily moved from the normal flat position to an upright, seated position, allowing the patient to exit the bed as if getting out of a chair.

~ The beds have built-in scales for obtaining patient weights with minimal disruption to the patient.  This is a critical factor in medication dosing and monitoring fluid retention.

~ The new mattress improves patient comfort and helps in the process of preventing pressure ulcers.

~ The beds can be lowered to a height of 1.5 feet off the ground.  This eliminates the need for a step-stool for patients of short stature.  This also reduces the risks of medical staff injuries.

~ The beds have built-in alarms which can be set for different areas of the bed.  The alarm will immediately notify nursing staff if a patient is attempting to get out of bed without assistance and is therefore at risk for falling.

~ The beds include “Brak Off” alarms.  This is a safety measure to notify nursing staff if the bed’s braking system has not been set.  This greatly reduces the potential fall risk when the patient is entering or exiting the bed.

~ The beds are easy for the medical staff to move and operate, greatly reducing the possibilities of strains and other work-related injuries.