Once again, our volunteers stepped up and helped make our 2016 Winesong one of the best ever!  If sponsors are the life-blood of a non-profits need, then volunteers are this non-profit’s body, arms, legs, backs & brains…our volunteers give their all to make sure that Winesong happens successfully year after year! Even though Winesong is a ‘one day event’, it’s months in the preparation stages. Our office staff consists of a skeleton crew of three members, about 350 short of the amount of people necessary to make Winesong happen! To this end, we welcome volunteers to join us.

As we begin planning for Winesong 2017, we invite you to consider volunteering for other MCHF events (use the same volunteer form below) and to stay connected through our email blasts – register for our emails with: ellen@mchfoundation.org

For more information on volunteering, contact Ellen Persa | ellen@mchfoundation.org] | (707) 961-4688. If emailing, be sure to put ‘volunteer’ in the subject line.  Additional information will be available here, beginning in April, 2017.

As a volunteer, you are an important member of the Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation (MCHF), acting as a representative of the Foundation and our community.  We ask that you read the following Volunteer Agreement to better understand what you can expect as a volunteer and what is expected of you by MCHF. By signing the Waiver/Release you will be agreeing to our listed terms and conditions.

Whether you are volunteering for A Pinot Noir Celebration, Winesong, in our office, or at other events which require additional, specific volunteer responsibilities, information will be forthcoming from your Team Captain.

In General, MCHF will provide you with –

  • An opportunity to support your local hospital.
  • A specific job description detailing your duties and responsibilities.
  • Nametag credentials to wear with a vest specific to your area of responsibilities.
  • Supplies and information needed to complete your responsibilities.
  • Participation, during your break(s), in the event for which you are helping (if applicable).
  • A map of all areas for your event will be presented at the All-Volunteer meeting (date TBA; this meeting is mandatory. If you live out of the area, you must attend an info/training session from MCHF staff to participate.).

At A Pinot Noir Celebration – you will receive

  • A complimentary lunch adjacent to the registration area starting at 11:30 and available throughout the event.
  • Participation during A Pinot Noir Celebration (value $75) on scheduled breaks and/or upon completion of duties.

At Winesong – you will receive

  • A complimentary, continental volunteer breakfast, served between 7-11AM adjacent to the Event Lawn.
  • A complimentary BBQ picnic, served from 11AM-3:30PM adjacent to the Event Lawn available to all volunteers.
  • Participation in the Winesong Tasting (value $150) on scheduled breaks and/or upon completion of duties.
  • Complimentary wine and other beverages at the Beverage Tent adjacent to the Event Lawn available to all volunteers.

For additional events – you will receive information directly from the Captain and/or staff liaison of each event.  Here is a current list of Volunteer Opportunities:

  • A Pinot Noir Celebration, Friday, September 7, 2018 (times TBA)
  • Friday Night VIP Auction Preview Reception, Friday, September 7, 2018 (times TBA)
  • Winesong, Saturday, September 8, 2018 (times TBA)
  • Office projects, weekdays throughout the year, emphasis on June-September

Please indicate on the Waiver form below, which events you are volunteering for.

Below are some simple volunteer responsibilities and guidelines we are asking you to observe.  This will help make your volunteer experience the best it can be:

  • All Volunteers are strongly encouraged to attend an advance orientation meeting with their appropriate Committee Captain and the mandatory Winesong All-Volunteer Tasting meeting if you have signed up for any events the weekend of Winesong (date TBA).
  • All volunteers must return a signed waiver prior to the event for insurance purposes (this can be done online using the form below, printed (can be downloaded here), or request a copy by emailing ellen@mchfoundation.org and returned.  No volunteers will be allowed in without a previously-submitted waiver – you may sign up as late as the day before your scheduled event.
  • Work a minimum of four hours – some volunteer positions are longer.
  • Remember 99% of volunteer positions will have you on your feet most of your shift, so wear your most comfortable shoes. Casual-but-nice attire is appropriate and remember it could get cold or very warm – check your favorite weather-cast before coming. Some events may require more specific clothing – your Captain will let you know.
  • Choose an assignment within your abilities, interests, and capabilities.
  • By agreeing to volunteer, you are making a commitment to MCHF and we are counting on your participation. If you find you cannot work your assignment, please notify your captain immediately so your shift can be filled.  If you do not know who your captain is, please contact us at the number below.
  • Because Winesong is a professional wine tasting event, please do not wear perfume or cologne that might distract from the aromas of the wine.
  • Please keep personal items to a minimum by leaving your purses and backpacks at home or locked securely in the trunk of your car (please carry I.D.). Locked storage is not available and keeping our areas neat is a priority.
  • By law, all volunteers must be at least 21 years of age to participate in most of our events.
  • Please conduct yourself in an appropriate, friendly, and ethical manner at all times. Be courteous to all you come in contact with:  vendors, visitors and fellow volunteers. Volunteers exhibiting inappropriate behavior will be asked to leave the event immediately.
  • No drinking alcohol while you are “on duty”- no exceptions!
  • Remove your Volunteer Vest and/or Name Badge when not on duty. If your shift has finished, please return your vest & nametag to your Captain (if you are at Winesong you may return it to the Information Booth on the Event Lawn).
  • If you utilize a radio, please return it to your Captain (if you are at Winesong, please return it to the Info Booth immediately after use/shift). They need to be reassigned to others.
  • At Winesong, Do Not approach any culinary, wine, or beer vendor tables prior to the Grand Tasting start time; all vendors are busy preparing their tables and the Tasting is not available to anyone until it opens – no exceptions!
  • Winesong provides a First Aid Tent across from the Live Auction Tent. If you have an injury, please go to the First Aid Tent immediately.  At other events, please see your Team Captain.
  • Ask questions if needed – we’re here to help!
  • Have fun!

If you have any questions regarding position responsibilities, hours, etc., please call Ellen at Winesong – 961-4688 or email her at

Waiver & Release

RE: 2017 Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation events: I, the undersigned Volunteer, have read, understand and acknowledge that by signing and submitting this waiver it discharges the Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation and Mendocino Coast District Hospital from any liability or claim that I, the Volunteer, may have against them with respect to personal injury, illness, damage sustained to personal vehicle(s) or equipment during my participation in the event(s) listed below. I also hereby swear to being over 21 years of age.

By my signature below, I declare that I have also read, understand, and agree with the 2017 Volunteer Agreement and will strive to fulfill all the parts therein.

Please fill in the following, complete the Captcha box, and SEND.
Note, boxes marked with an *, must be completed.

Event(s) I am volunteering for

A Pinot Noir Celebration
Friday Night Auction Preview Party
Office Projects

Your Name*

Captain's Name (if known)

Your Team or Position (if known)

Are you a hospital employee?

Your Email*

A Phone number* (where we can contact you)


Your Mailing Address*

Your City & State & Zipcode*


The Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation requires that you certify your agreement by submitting a typed, electronic signature. To do so, read the text below and provide a typed electronic signature (type a forward slash "/" and your full name).

I certify that all the information above is accurate and true.

Your electronic signature

Next, please complete the Captcha segment by clicking on the box below and then submit your form by clicking on the SEND button below. Or you may print the Waiver and Release document located below the SEND button, fill it in by hand and mail it to or drop it by the WineSong office at 775 River Drive, Fort Bragg, CA 95437-5496. The office is open Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm or your may fax it to: (707) 961-4975. For all other volunteer questions, please call Ellen Persa at (707) 961-4688 or email ellen@mchfoundation.org

Thank you for volunteering - you are making a difference!


If you have any difficulty with the form, you may print the Waiver and Release.  Download here, print, hand sign and return by mail or fax…contact information is on the form.