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     August 7, 2017

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Rebecca Johnson, 2017 Artwork of the Year

The Artwork of the Year is a first for Winesong as it is not quite what it seems.  While looking very much like a painting, “Barn Song” is actually a bas relief.  A what? you ask…a bas relief is a sculptural technique where the sculpted elements remain attached to a solid background.  The term relief literally means to raise from the Latin verb, relevo.  But now we’re just getting technical.  In essence, Rebecca has created a stunning combination of sculpture and painting, utilizing recycled wood and metal.  From afar, you might view “Barn Song” as a 2-D piece, but as you get closer and see the details, and the shadows, it’s clearly a 3-D work of art!  We’re delighted and inspired by our first bas relief offering!

Rebecca Johnson grew up in an art centric family in rural Hopewell, New Jersey. Her parents were designers, artists and art educators. Life is art was the family credo. This philosophy enriched and continues to inform Rebecca’s art and career.

As a young artist Rebecca embraced the path of the successful professional. She received her BFA from Tyler School of Art and her MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. She studied bronze casting at the Johnson Atelier in New Jersey and stone carving in quarries in Vermont. Grants, fellowships, shows in galleries and museums, commissions, critical acclaim and teaching positions at Dartmouth and Kenyon Colleges distinguished her career.


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2017 Participating Artists

Serafina Andrews

Serafina Andrews – “Alegria”

Serafina is truly a Renaissance artist. She loves the beauty of the human form in figure drawing and oil painting, This has led to a journey beyond words wherethe lines continue to dance before her on paper and canvas.

Early in her life she enjoyed a career as a concert ballerina and classical Spanish dancer, touring internationally.

Following studies at the Chounard Art Institute in Los Angeles, her art career led to seminars in Europe and shows of her work in galleries along with winning awards at many juried art shows.

Serafina also writes and illustrates books. Her most recent publication is a book for Children, “Dream Time with the Fairy Angels".

She continues to sell her art work throughout the United States, Europe and online, and is artistic director of “The Children’s Ballet Theater of Mendocino Coast".

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Serafina Andrews

Karen Bowers – “Lands End”

For me, painting is a practice, a perspective on life. Each new piece presents a chance for optimism. This is why I paint and what I hope to convey. Artist Statement.

Karen's passion for painting began as a child in New York. She was provided jars of tempura, big brushes and paper. She painted places she loved from memory.

During graduate work at UC Berkeley in Political Thought and her day job careers in politics and law, Karen always found time to paint. Along with architects and engineers, Karen founded the "Sunday Afternoon Watercolor Society." On location in San Francisco they painted urban icons that were subject to change through renovation or demolition. In Mendocino and the Sierras, Karen continued to paint primarily on location. She was chosen as an Artist in Residence in Yosemite National Park and has earned national and regional awards for her paintings.

Moving to Mendocino in 1999 and having a few years later studio, Karen has returned to working mainly "from heart." Her paintings are expressive of the diversity of her interests and the places she loves. She works on paper, canvas and wood in water color, acrylic, and mixed media.

Locally, her paintings are represented in Gallery Mendocino, Artists Cooperative of Mendocino and exhibits with Mendocino Eco Artists. Periodically, Karen teaches watercolor workshops in her studio.
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Russ Christoff

Russ is an award winning photographer and PBS videographer. His interpretations of the North Coast are meant to evoke dreamlike images. To him, the art of photography is more than merely capturing a moment in time. Instead he aims to share how he sees the world through his mind’s eye, not just the cameras.

For this year’s Winesong, he has donated a photograph printed on metal that enhances the image vibrancy and brilliance on a tough, weatherproof surface which is easily cleaned with a moist soft cloth while providing superior archival value.

To see more of Russ’s work,
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Rita Crane - “Evening Glow Over Albion Bay”

Seeing through the eye of a camera was Rita’s main passion in high school - not surprisingly - since Rita’s father Ralph Crane was a notable LIFE magazine photographer for over thirty years. Those teen years shooting film from behind a single lens reflex and the hours spent in the darkroom experimenting with wet printing techniques for black and white photography taught Rita skills that now translate naturally into today's digital technology.

Having spent her childhood in Switzerland, Germany, and France, she later graduated from UCLA in History and Art History and traveled extensively, partly because of her father's profession and partly because she caught travel fever from him - wanting to see the world. Being convinced that beauty truly opens the human heart, Rita made a commitment to the vocation of artist and chose photography as her way of expressing and sharing the beauty of the places she loves.

Rita’s Complete Mendocino Collection is represented by Prentice Gallery on Main Street. A selection of Rita’s photos of Old World Europe and miniatures in black and white are carried by the Mendocino Art Center.

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Erin Dertner - "Fall Colorburst"

Painting, studying and teaching the subject of light is Erin’s driving force. The cool shadows of the early morning and those that fall long and warm in the evening enliven her creative soul as nothing else. Subject matter is secondary to the sunlight itself. Travel has played a formidable role in her development as she relishes each opportunity to explore the warm European environs of Greece, France and Italy as well the Hawaiian and British Isles and choice locations within America. She has also studied with many well known artists over the past twenty-five years in a myriad of inspirational places. Most of her works are in oil applied with a palette knife, since the texture creates a truly lifelike dimension, but she is also an experienced watercolorist and has worked in both pastel and acrylic as well.
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Hilary Eddy - “Rose Romance”

Hilary Eddy, originally from England, now lives here on the North Coast. Her oil paintings have been exhibited and recognized in the US and internationally; she has won numerous awards and distinctions, and her work is in a large number of museum, corporate, and private collections.

Over the years she has developed her own unique vision and style sometimes referred to as Magical Realism. Well known for her paintings of glass objects, she is constantly exploring the magic created when sunlight falls upon them. Her large and vibrant canvases are designed to add light, colour, and a new dimension to people’s lives.

Locally she is represented by the Prentice Gallery in Mendocino; her paintings may also be found in the Ramey Fine Art Gallery in Palm Desert, CA, and the Saper Galleries, East Lansing, MI.

You may visit her studio by appointment only.

Contact info:
Phone: 707 964 8492

Michael Greene

Michael spent his childhood years growing up on the rugged Lost Coast of Mendocino County. He went on to graduate from college at the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography in 1968. Seeing his vast work, it’s hard not to compare the man to his photos. With an unrelenting eye for detail, he attributes his creative and divergent approach, as well as his natural talent for composition, to the exposure he had as a youth to the stunning and natural beauty of the North Coast, often taking the approach that to be bold is to remain quiet.
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Eleanor Harvey – “Ancient Friends”

My major interest artistically continues to be the landscape , and while I enjoy oil painting, I'm presently working mainly in oil pastels, a drawing medium, with an oil pigment base. For many years, I "painted" with colored pencil, a medium that offers different drawing opportunities (considerably less messy than most other mediums). I have lately been experimenting with polymer clay, which opened up a fun new world of working with color.

I am a member of the Mendocino Eco Artists, a local group of artists promoting environmental and ecological groups and organizations through shows and sale of our art works, including the Mendocino Land Trust, Salmon Restoration Association, Redwood Forest Foundation, Noyo Center for Marine Science, and the Mendocino Area Parks Associations (MAPA).

In 2008 and 2010 I entered the Mendocino Arts for the Parks show put on by MAPA, and won the Grand Prize both years. I am very grateful for this opportunity as it opened up a world of people and experiences here in my new home, and led me to an increasing interest in the California Parks as places of extreme value and rich heritage for the many people who live within them and who visit them each year. Now, with the parks endangered by cost cutting measures, it is more important than ever that our community come together to recognize the vital importance of the park system.

A quote from Artist Elizabeth Mowry, author of "Landscape Meditations" also reflects how I think - "My subject matter of choice remains landscape. Nature was so much a part of my ... childhood that the bond was a passionate one. I am comfortable with my motifs because for me they are what I truly know the most about. Even within a traditional venue, creative thinking can work its magic". I, too, am most comfortable with the landscape as my artistic subject matter, and I love the eternally changing, yet familiar scenes, colors, and shapes all around me. I am presently show my art with the Mendocino Eco Artists (, and Gallery Mendocino on Main Street, Mendocino. My art can also be viewed on my website.
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Lowell Herrero - "Grape Harvest"

Lowell Herrero was a loyal advocate of Winesong for over 20 years, supporting the Foundation and Hospital as a donor with incredible works of art, as a bidder, as a friend, and as a cherished family member. We honored him as Winesong’s 2016 Artist of the Year in Memoriam.

Throughout a dynamic life that has spanned the Great Depression, the Second World War, the rise of Silicon Valley, and the dawn of the twenty-first century, Lowell Herrero turned his passion for living into art. From his home in California, he traveled to Tuscany, Provence, and Spain, absorbing the lessons of their sensuous landscapes. The colors of horizons and rich earth, the sensations of sunlight, and the fragrance of flower-covered hillsides mingle in his imagination and flow through his paintbrush onto his canvases.

Herrero felt a deep affinity with farmers working the land. He rendered them bursting with life, over-large, and as enduring extensions of the very soil they cultivate. In his paintings, vineyards stretch into the distance as grape pickers enjoy lunch under a cloudless blue sky. Lavender harvesters bend to their task, and a field of rolled bales tells us the hard work of haying is at an end. Each painting invites us to smile with pleasure and enjoy the inner vitality and plenitude of the landscape. But above all, the paintings project the irrepressible joie de vivre of an artist who knew how to live.
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Julie Higgins - “Grapeful Figgy Heart” (not Grateful)

Mendocino Coast Artist Julie Higgins is internationally known for her vibrant, sensual, colorful compositions of voluptuous figures and fertile landscapes that have delighted art lovers for many years. Working primarily in soft pastel for its tactile quality and sometimes in acrylic, her travels from the ocean to the inland valleys and beyond are a constant source of inspiration.

Artist and art are both rooted in the Heartland. Born and raised in the Midwest, Higgins attended the University of Kansas where she earned her BFA in Painting and Sculpture. She has received many awards , exhibition honors and her work has appeared on numerous publications. She was the Winesong Artist in 2011. Higgins is the resident artist at “the girl & the fig” restaurants in Sonoma, CA and her work can be found locally at the Gallery Mendocino, the Mendocino Art Center, the Mendocino Country Store and Gallery Bookshop. She is a member of the Mendocino Eco Artists and the Mendocino Art Center.

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Sev Ickes

Sev Ickes moved to Mendocino in 1983 when she began her full time career as an artist. Her style, often referred to as naive or self-taught, captures her optimistic view of life, focusing on the playful and colorful. Sev's work is created with acrylic paint and number one brushes on smooth canvas. The viewer is drawn into her paintings, searching the myriad details not wanting to miss a single detail! Her images have been licensed for puzzles, fabric, children's clothing and stationery.

Sev was the Winesong artist in 1992.

During the past 34 years her paintings have been shown in galleries in NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, Switzerland, and Holland. She has been honored to rep the USA in the Swiss prize for Modern Primitive Painting in Geneva, Switzerland. Now practicing "the art of retirement," her work may be seen exclusively at the Artist's Co-op of Mendocino and the Mendocino Art Center.

Sev may be contacted at:
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Mariko Irie – “Light on the Earth”

Mariko Irie, a lifelong painter, was born and raised in Tokyo. She received her BFA at Musashino Art University in 1973 and moved to Mendocino in 1982 to pursue her painting.

Mariko has been seeking eternal peace and beauty. Her paintings are rich in the traditional style and have wonderful, contemporary feel.

Mariko Irie is represented at the Highlight Gallery in Mendocino and the Northeast Artists Gallery in Fort Bragg for almost 30 years. Visit her Extensive website

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Rachel Lahn – “Surprise”

I started painting and drawing when I was nine years old. I’ve never stopped. I graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA and MAT.

My inspiration comes from the elemental rhythms , colors, and shapes in the world around and inside of me. My paintings are abstractions of nature and life.

I use mixed media with acrylic. I also do sculptural encaustics and watercolors.

My work can be seen at the Prentice Gallery in Mendocino Ca., the Mendocino Art Center, the Elk Artists Collective in Elk Ca., my studio in Comptche, and in June and July at the Sebastopol Art Center in Sebastopol Ca.

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Suzi Long – “Bacchus”

My fine artist career began after 9/11 concluded my mural business and I switched to pastels as my medium of choice. My styles range from trompe l’oeil to cartoon, thanks to all the mural painting experience, and my inspiration comes from a very active imagination and the genes passed down from my maternal grandfather Marius Nissen. I love painting trompe l’oeil stone and use many tools to perfect the technique.

Aging a wood box to resemble ancient limestone is a great way to release stress! My pastel paintings are found at the Watertower Gallery and Artists’ Co-Op of Mendocino, John Hanes Gallery in Boonville, Kokomo Studio in Calistoga and Edward Montgomery Gallery in Carmel.

Phone: 707/937-5664
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Janis Porter – “Pacific Cove”

Janis Porter is an award winning Mendocino watercolor artist originally from Berkeley, California. Her paintings are widely collected in many countries. Her work may be seen at Prentice Gallery in Mendocino, at the Mendocino Art Center, and at Mendocino Eco Artists exhibits in the North Coast Area. Janie also serves on the board of the Mendocino Art Center and am in charge of the Exhibit Committee.
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Paul Reiber

Paul Reiber moved to the Mendocino coast in 1981 to study with Jim Krenov at the College of the Redwoods Fine Wood Working program. Since that time he has maintained a studio on the coast focused on woodcarving and sculpture. A wide range of artists and styles, most notably the German artists Ernst Barlach and Kathe Kollwitz, have influenced his work, as well African tribal art and the art of Mesoamerica. His work is shown locally at Highlight Gallery in Mendocino.
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Arlene Reiss - “Oceanside”

Arlene Reiss has been an exhibiting Artist nationally and internationally for over 30 Years. Her work is intuitively based and primarily abstract. She continues to explore a variety of mediums with much focus on Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage. Living on the Mendocino Coast and spending part of the year on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, she is very influenced by the natural environment. Often, as with this piece she has painted for Winesong the ever changing ocean is her inspiration.

“It’s fascinating and mysterious that by making marks on paper a reality is created that never existed before. As I paint I become engaged in a dialogue with the piece; surprises happen, moods change and colors demand to be used. A relationship is created than can be immensely frustrating and sublimely satisfying, that has a depth reached by perseverance.”

She is a founding and current member of Partner’s Gallery, www.partnersgallery.comin Fort Bragg

Phone: 707-937-0405

Robert Rhoades – “Fibers of Life”

Bob Rhoades was raised in Ohio, upstate NY, and South Carolina. After graduating from Duke University in 1970 he began a teaching career in California. Bob taught printmaking, painting, drawing, color and design and papermaking, among other areas full time for 40 years. After receiving a Masters Degree from University of New Mexico, Bob became the chair of the Art Department at College of the Redwoods, Mendocino Coast. His work in watercolor, pastel, collage and handmade paper is influenced by nature’s bounty and European travel.

The piece included in the 2017 Winesong auction is a collage of handmade papers on a magnum size bottle of wine from Barra of Mendocino. The collage is in the style of recent work the artist. Examples of this work are touring in Japan at the Matsumoto Museum and in Omachi . Further examples of this most recent work will be shown at the Stanford Inn by the Sea in Mendocino for 3 months beginning in June 2017.
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Linda Shearin - “Connections”

Born in San Francisco, Linda studied with many fine artists in the S.F. Bay Area before moving to the Mendocino Coast where she continued her studies at the College of the Redwoods and the Mendocino Art Center.

Inspired by the beauty of the sea, she's known for her crashing "wavescapes." Her new work is more abstract in nature using acrylic paint and inks, mixed media and collage on canvas and paper. The piece created for Winesong! this year reflects this new direction. Her work can be seen at the Prentice Fine Art Gallery on Main Street in Mendocino and at the Mendocino Art Center.

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